AMSA Profile : District 2



AMSA-Universitas Katolik Indonesia Atma Jaya


Picture 1 : Charity Cancer Camp AMSA-UAJ

AMSA – Universitas Katolik Indonesia Atma Jaya or AMSA-UAJ is located in Universitas Katolik Atma Jaya, Pluit, North Jakarta.  AMSA-UAJ has joined AMSA since AMSA-Indonesia was established in 1986. Though AMSA-UAJ has sent delegations to AMSC in 1990, the organization was officially established in 1998. From 1998 until 2000, AMSA-UAJ had not had a fixed organization system. For the first time, in 2000 there was a “clear” representative of AMSA-UAJ that was recorded. Since 2007 AMSA’s status in Faculty of Medicine Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia was an external organization.

AMSA-UAJ has been hosting Musyawarah Nasional (Munas) in 2013 and will be hosting Munas in 2018.

AMSA-UAJ has an annual program called Charity Cancer Camp (CCC). CCC was made by the cooperation of AMSA-UAJ and Pastoran Atma Jaya Wilayah Santo Lukas (PAWSL). The charity cancer camp has been made since 2013 and took a concept of therapheutic recreation for children with cancer and their family. This event cooperated with Yayasan Onkologi Anak Indonesia which is a foundation for children with cancer.


Representative : Josephine Emerencia Sudirman

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AMSA-Universitas Indonesia


Picture 1 : National Medical and General Biology Competition AMSA-UI


Location : Fakultas Rumpun Ilmu Kesehatan Gedung C, Lantai 4 Universitas Indonesia Depok, Jawa Barat Indonesia, 16424

Established : 1996

Signature project : NMGBC (National Medical and General Biology Competition)


NMGBC is the most prestigious academic competition held by AMSA-Universitas Indonesia. Its expected as an annual events that always bring new topic each year. For the past 4 years NMGBC already took Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Reproduction, and Dermatomusculoskeletal as their topic. This year, We brought up social campaign competition to promote awareness and spread positivity amongst senior high school students. Here are a glimpse of what we have done last month (March’18). We are the oldest AMSA-university in Indonesia as we were establish in 1986 whereas AMSA-Indonesia was built in 1996.


Representative : Armand Achmadsyah

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AMSA-Universitas Kristen Indonesia


Picture 1 : AMSA Care AMSA-UKI


Location : Jln. Mayjend Soetoyo No. 02, Cawang Jakarta Timur 13630

Established : 2008

Hosting : AMSA-District 2 Gathering “AMSA in Wonderland” 2014, AMSEP Malasyia on August 2017


AMSA Care is one of Amsa UKI’s prokers held annually as a form that we not only learn but also show our concern for others and to build a caring spirit for Amsa UKI members who have a positive impact on others.


This year Amsa Care is promoting HIV & AIDS “Know, Prevent, Protect from HIV & AIDS” HIV prevention programs to raise awareness among adolescents and the general public about HIV & AIDS transmission. through this event we also raised 3 main principles of AMSA which are action, knowledge, and friendship


The purpose of Amsa Care event this year is as a form of concern to adolescents and adults as well as providing information to adolescents and adults and the general public about the dangers of HIV & AIDS.

Series of events:

Amsa Care activity lasted for 2 days where the first day was held to counseling about HIV & AIDS to RPTRA Kebon Pala youth whose the discussion was delivered directly by Aids Indonesia Foundation. On the second day we held TENDA TENSI and health campaigns on HIV & AIDS to the community and we also “sold” donation coupons that will be donated to ODHA through Yayasan Kasih Suwitno

the Activities on the first day was hold in RPTRA Kebon Pala East Jakarta and on the second day we held an activity at CFD Roundabout HI


Representative : Muhammad Syauqi Mirza

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AMSA-Universitas Tarumanagara




Picture 2 : Faith 1.0 AMSA-UNTAR


AMSA-Untar is an Organization in the Faculty of Medicine Tarumanagara University, it is located at Letjen S. Parman Street No. 1, Tomang, Grogol petamburan, RT.6/RW.16, Tomang, Grogol petamburan, West Jakarta, 11440.

AMSA-Untar  joined as a member of AMSA Indonesia in 2000, became the first (and only) organization that is national and international. In FK Untar environment itself, AMSA is a Semi Autonomous Agency (BSO) which stands under BEM FK.

AMSA-Untar has many programs, one of which is LOSER (Leadership and Organization Skills Toward Educated Resources). LOSER is a leadership camp for new members of AMSA-Untar. In this camp, they will learn about AMSA-Untar and AMSA-Indonesia. Furthermore, this is an event to improve their bond, as partners in organization and as well as a family.In the first place, LOSER is a place to tighten friendship and gain knowledge within AMSA-Untar.

AMSA-Untar in addition to strengthening friendship philosophy, we also have some events to improve Knowlege and do real Action by contributing to society. Last year, we started our social event by providing health services for community at the remote islands of Banten, Pulo Panjang, Cilegon with the number of patients 600 people. We also provided health education to Pulo Panjang students.


Representative : Novia Fitria Anwar

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AMSA-Universitas Pelita Harapan


Location : Jln. M. H. Thamrin Boulevard, 1100 Lippo Village, Tangerang 15811, Indonesia

Established : 2004

Hosting : Musyawarah Nasional (2006) – AMSA-Indonesia, Rapat Kerja Nasional (Rakernas) 2012 – AMSA-Indonesia, National Action Event (2015) – AMSA-Indonesia, Indonesian Medical Students’ Training and Competition (2017) – AMSA-Indonesia


Representative : Vinsensa Annabella

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AMSA-Universitas Pembangunan Nasional ‘Veteran’ Jakarta

AMSA-UPN, is a nonprofit and scientific organization which is affiliated to BEM FK UPN “Veteran” Jakarta and AMSA-Indonesia. AMSA-UPN was founded on October 10, 2005 and is currently located in Dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo Building, UPN“Veteran”Jakarta, Jl. Rumah Sakit Fatmawati No.1, RT006/RW006, Pondok Labu, Cilandak, Kota Depok, DKI Jakarta, 12345. Currently, AMSA-UPN isn’t hosting any national event. However, we do create events such as:

  1. MEDC (Medical English Debate Club)

MEDC is a debate training program for every member of AMSA-UPN for the purpose of preparing us for national and international debate competitions in the future. Aside from that, this is also our take on one of AMSA’s philosophy: Knowledge.

  1. PASTOE (Pass the TOEFL)

Being a medical student in a rapidly changing world requires some basic knowledge, one of which is the lingua franca, english. PASTOE is a program for the members of AMSA-UPN designed to train the ability to speak, write, and use english, both for daily and professional use.

  1. AMSA-UPN Anniversary

AMSA-UPN has a long history in UPN, and this annual event is our celebration of the years gone by. It also serves purpose of tightening the bond between members of AMSA-UPN and members of AMSA-Indonesia District 2 whom we invite every year. After all, Friendship is also a key philosophy of AMSA.

  1. AMSA-UPN Charity

AMSA-UPN observers are assigned to the task of creating a charity at the end of the tenure before they become full members—aside from doing the last of AMSA’s philosophy, Action, it also reminds us the very purpose of AMSA: to help people in need, even when we’re still medical students.


Representative : Farida Ulfa

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AMSA-Universitas Trisakti

The path to medical school can be rigorous, and I thank God that I have found a place where not only I can get many social experiences, but it’s also a place to gain knowledge, make friendship, and even create love bird stories! Asian Medical Student Association, is what I’m talking about. It has been about 8 months since I became a Representative of AMSA Universitas Trisakti, and I never regret my decision. Universitas Trisakti’s Asian Medical Student Association is located in West Jakarta, Grogol, Kyai Tapa Street no. 260. You guys should definitely visit us anytime and we’ll always be opened! Anyways, AMSA is here to help each premedical student for medical school through volunteering, leadership, research opportunities, and building connections within the medical community all around Asia! AMSA is committed to improving health care and healthcare delivery to all people; promoting improvement in medical education; involving its members in the social, moral and ethical obligations of the medical profession. I am very proud to have a chance to be a part of AMSA family!


AMSA Universitas Trisakti has officially been a part of district 2 of AMSA-Indonesia since 2001, and we only required one year to become a part of AMSA-Indonesia due to our active participations nationally and internationally. Since then, we did not stop growing. AMSA Usakti has had the opportunity to host 2 national events which are Rapat Kerja Nasional (RAKERNAS) in 2015 and National Leadership Training (NLT) in 2017. AMSA Usakti also has had the opportunity to hose 2 Asian Medical Students Exchange Programs which were AMSEP Taiwan and AMSEP Japan. I was so lucky to get a chance to be part of AMSA family, especially AMSA Usakti. Still waiting for many events to come from us though! Wish us luck!


Representative : Donna Shandra Siswaty

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