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AMSA-Universitas Diponegoro


As a part of district 4, along with AMSA-UGM, AMSA-UNS, and AMSA-UPR, AMSA-Universitas Diponegoro is located in Semarang. Led by Executive Board which consist of Representative, General Secretary, Treasurer, and secretary of the divisions and guided by Advisory board. AMSA-Undip has 6 divisions which are Community Outreach, Externa, Finance, Membership and Development, Publication and Promotion, and Research and Academics. What differs AMSA-Undip from another university is that AMSA-Undip has the staff and member system. Where member stands for those who didn’t join any division but still, a part of AMSA-Undip and can actively take part in AMSA events. Established in 20th of March 2003, AMSA-Undip has always tried to implement AMSA’s philosophy, knowledge, action, and friendship ever since. With local programs such as Event of The Year (EOTY), MINI-MUN, community visits, debate class, AMSA Academy, and many more, AMSA-Undip has always tried to give the members the chance to develop themselves socially and academically. AMSA-Undip has also encouraged its members to take part in AMSA on national or even international scale by sending our members as delegates in conferences or exchanges, also by supporting our members to participate as a staff in AMSA-Indonesia or even AMSA International. Also, AMSA-Undip has acted as a host for one of national event, National Action Event (NAE) in 2017 and a few AMSEP. Last, AMSA-Undip has always been trying to give the idea of AMSA is not only an organization but also a family and a home to its members, where they are always welcomed.


Representative : Qorina Putri Santoso

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AMSA-Universitas Gadjah Mada


Location                     : Jalan Farmako, Sekip Utara, D. I. Yogyakarta

Established                : Yogyakarta, 10 August 1996

Hosting                       : National Leadership Training 2013

Programs                   :



AMSA Youth Project

With the spirit of friendship, action, and science, we want to empower young people to be agents of change, one of which through our yearly event, AMSA Youth Project (AYP). “GERMAS : Gerakan Masyarakat Hidup Sehat” is the theme of 2018’s AYP. We want to involve young people in a way that they can gain experience and knowledge useful for everyday life, then be able to share it to the society in order to make real impact in a friendly and educated manner. AYP is AMSA-UGM’s biggest program, initiated by Delegation, Science, and Social Environment division. It is consisted of three different events, which are Annual Youth Seminar with the theme Healthy Lifestyle, Medical Olympiad for high school students and is nation-wide, and Social Act where the olympiad participants will get a chance to do health campaign directly to the community.


Event of the Year

Event of the Year (EOTY) is a mandatory event for Social Environment division from AMSA Indonesia, consisting of a community service with a different theme each year. In 2018, EOTY takes the theme Gerakan Masyarakat Sehat (GERMAS) which is in sync with the government’s program that is currently being enforced. There will be five different events this year, first one being online campaign and asking the community to join as well. Second is a campaign directly to the people using pamphlets and third is called trading fruit to paint where we ask kids to color pictures of fruit then trade them with the real one, aiming to increase kids’ interest to consume fruits. The fourth event is called Mini Health Trivia where we will explain about healthy food to children in small groups, then show them cards with different pictures of food on them and they have to identify which are healthy and which are not. Lastly, we will also gather data in order to find out the representative prevalence of Indonesian people about their knowledge regarding GERMAS.


Charity and Cultural Night

Charity & Cultural Night is AMSA-UGM’s yearly art celebration held by Art & Culture division. It is a musical organized entirely by AMSA-UGM members. In 2017, the musical was called “Hong Fila Hong” and just like the previous years, all the profit of this show was donated, with that year’s donation going to Sabilul Huda Orphanage. The aim of this event is to provide a platform for health students to develop their art interest and skills, while at the same time helping others who are in need.



Representative : Nicholas Abraham

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AMSA-Universitas Palangka Raya

Asian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) Palangkaraya University or usually called AMSA-UPR ​is one of many non-profit and non-political organizations that the Medical Faculty of Palangkaraya University has. AMSA-UPR is located in Central Borneo and the only AMSA organization that exists in the island. AMSA-UPR officially be a part of AMSA-Indonesia in February 10th 2010, a year after the Medical Faculty of Palangkaraya University was established. In AMSA-UPR’s symbol there’s this special species of bird called “Burung Tingang”, which is a special pandemic in Central Borneo and also use as a symbol by local, Dayak tribe and it has a deep philosophy.



AMSA-UPR is a part of AMSA-Indonesia in district 4, and AMSA-UPR has its own authority/governance structure that contains of Advisory Boards, Representative, General Secretary, Treasure and Secretary of divisions. AMSA-UPR has 5 different divisions along with one secretary in each division to manage the division they belong to. The divisions are : Membership and Development (MnD) , Academic, Community Outreach (CO), Publication and Promotion (PnP) and Finance.


AMSA-UPR workplan is based by AMSA’s philosophy; Knowledge, Action and Friendship. In Knowledge we have poster-and-paper-making education, poster-and-paper-making competition and medical debate. In action we have these fun activity such as blood pressure education, medical counseling and social service. And in friendship we have gathering, sharing & mid-year evaluation, watching movie together and AMSA-UPR anniversary party.

Representative : Anastasia Enggelin

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AMSA-Universitas Sebelas Maret

Representative : Cha Jin Hee

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