Asian Medical Students’ Conference (AMSC) Seoul, South Korea 2017

Greetings People of Tomorrow!

Asian Medical Students’ Conference (AMSC) 2017 in Seoul has finally come to an end. Not only did every
delegate get new experiences but also we made friends across the world.

In our first day, we got to know each other from our group through games and then we attended the
gallant welcoming party. The next day, we attended lectures on the accidents in the hospital and had
the AMSA International Session.

For day 3 and 4, we had the Paper, Poster and White Paper Presentation. We also had our International
Booth where we experienced a glimpse of others’ cultures. After all of the academics session finished,
we did a community service and palace tour on the next day.

On day 6, we learnt about the culture of South Korea and tried on the traditional hanbok. We also got to
visit their high-tech hospital where we saw the virtual cadaver. At night, we finally performed Tari Kipas
in front of all delegates.

The last day was the most amazing. We won the best chapter for Tier 2 in AMSA International Awards.
Also, our members became the 2nd Winner Scientific Poster Competition of AMSC 2017 and achieved
the Lifetime Membership Achievement of Asian Medical Students’ Association International (AMSA
International) 2016/17. Before our departures to our respective countries, we spent the remainder of
the day with our groups strolling around Seoul.

Thank you for giving us, the delegates, a week to remember as a proud member of AMSA.

“Fostering Unity, Striving for Excellence”
Viva AMSA!