Asian Medical Students’ Exchange Program

Have you ever wanted to experience education in different country, with a totally different culture? In collaboration with AMSA International and the European Integration and Culture Team, AMSA-Indonesia is happy to collaborate in exchanges both in AMSEP and EAMSEP.


Indonesia is the fourth most populated country. It is an archipelago, composed of approximately 17000 islands, located on the equator. Indonesia is known for its ideology, “Unity in Diversity”; we host a diverse array of people, hospitable people and unique culture and tradition. Life in Indonesia is wonderful, calm and warm.


Indonesia proclaimed its independence in 1945. Ever since then, we have grown as a powerhouse of the world’s economy and officially joined the G20 countries. Indonesia has many different regions; 33 provinces in total, each with its own unique tradition, culture and cuisine. We have about 70 Faculty of Medicine in Indonesia, with 30 universities registered in AMSA-Indonesia. AMSA-Indonesia was officially founded in 10th of August 1996 and has continued to expand as an organization under the affiliation of AMSA International. We are proud to be acknowledged as the Best Tier 2 Chapter in 2017. AMSA-Indonesia is known for, and is active in, its exchange projects, in which we have established exchanges with Australia, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, India and China. Not only that, we also have hosted an European-Asian Medical Students’ Exchange Program (EAMSEP) before, so we definitely have the quality and standard to host another edition of EAMSEP. With the increasing enthusiasm of our university members in holding exchange programs, we hope to establish more AMSEP and EAMSEP in the coming tenure.


You have the chance to travel to another country and learn about a new culture and about the differences that exist in the educational and medical systems. This experience will help you to broaden your horizon, give you a new mindset of values, ideas and skills. It will surely be beneficial not only for your personal development but also for your career as a doctor.


You can find more about AMSA-Indonesia and our Exchange Projects through our official booklet and official video.

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Fostering Unity, Striving for Excellence 

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