East Asian Medical Students’ Conference (EAMSC) 2018 : Nepal Winners

Dear People of Tomorrow,
Viva Academic!
After a long process of Pre Conference Competition and the competition in East Asian Medical Students’ Conference 2018: Nepal, we would like to congratulate the following competitors for their achievements in EAMSC!
1st Winner for Photography Competition:
Priscilla Christina Natan
from AMSA-Universitas Brawijaya
with the title of
“I Didn’t Choose to be Premature”
3rd Winner of Scientific Poster Competition:
Kristian Kurniawan, Fabiola Cathleen, Christine Lieana, Adriana V Miranda
From AMSA-Universitas Indonesia
With the title of
“Maternal Factors Associated with Preeclampsia among Asian: Systematic Review of Large Cohort Studies”

“Fostering Unity, Striving for Excellence”
Viva AMSA!